String Theory, formerly known as Blue Galaxy String Project, is an instrumental pop group formed in 2005 that plays an eclectic mix of originals and modern pop songs arranged for string quartet plus acoustic bass and drums. The group is comprised of six conservatory trained musicians representing Northwestern University, University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, Indiana University, University of Alabama, Boston Conservatory, and Davidson College. The musicians are united by a common passion to expand their musical repertoire beyond the traditional roles of the string quartet.


Personnel are (from left to right) Abraham Becker, bass; Caroline Nordlund and Niamh Tuohy Fields, violins; Melanie Richardson Rogers, viola; Michael Glaser, drums; Samuel Nordlund, cello.


Arrangements of music are from many different sources including band members Abe Becker, Melanie Richardson Rogers and former cellist Avi Friedlander.

The group prides itself on performing music from every genre. From Michael Jackson to Brubeck, Gershwin to Radiohead, the element of surprise is always part of their eclectic performances.

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